Tier im Recht

A Home for the Kim Stallwood Collection

During my negotiations with The British Library, it became apparent that they were interested in only the research materials. Consequently, I had to find a permanent home for the remaining collection.

From discussions with colleagues working in like-minded organisations and animal law departments in universities and from searching the Internet, I discovered Tier im Recht, the Swiss-based animal law charity. I saw on TIR’s website that it had a significant library professionally managed by a qualified librarian.

In 2019 I made a plenary presentation at the World Conference for Mainstreaming Animal Protection in Denmark. Vanessa Gerritsen, TIR’s deputy executive director, was in attendance. I introduced myself and we began talking about their library and possible interest in acquiring my collection. Moena Zeller, TIR’s librarian, visited my office to see my library in 2021. The following March, I spent a week with TIR in Zurich, meeting with the organisation’s professional staff and studying the impressive library, a reference collection containing more than 200,000 books, essays, and films on animals and the law, ethics, and society. We reached an agreement and TIR acquired the Stallwood Collection. TIR also engaged me as a part-time independent consultant to advise them on projects related to movement preservation and organisational development.

In 2021, I worked with TIR to acquire the International Association Against Painful Experiments on Animals Archive, including papers belonging to its founder, Brian Gunn. One year later, the IAAPEA Archive and about one-half of the Stallwood Collection were shipped to TIR’s offices in Zurich.

My library of more than 2,000 books on animal rights and related matters is the remaining part of my collection in England. I continue to use this resource, but it will eventually become part of the TIR library.

The Kim Stallwood Collection at TIR includes publications, magazines, academic journals; posters, badges, artefacts; films, videos, photographs; Professor Timothy Sprigge Collection; Lawrence & Beavan Design Collection; Lawrence & Beavan Photography Collection; Duncan Weir Collection; Richard Newman Collection; and Cecil Schwartz Collection.