In 1976 I became a vegan and since then held leadership positions with some of the world’s foremost animal advocacy organisations in the UK and the USA. Today, I work as an author, independent scholar, and consultant in animal rights.



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  • The Oxford Group

    May 17, 2019

    “The Oxford Group and the Emergence of Animal Rights: An Intellectual History” is the name of a research project led by Professor Robert Garner and Research Associate Yewande Okuleye from the University of Leicester. Recently, Robert and Yewande visited my office to record an interview with me and review materials in my animal rights collection for the project.The Oxford Group is the name given to an informal group of young academics who lived in Oxford in the 1970s who became vegetarians and explored animal ethics. The Oxford Group is generally recognized as initiating the philosophical foundation to the contemporary debate about our ethical relationship with other animals. The Oxford Group is an important but little-known historical development in animal ethics and the animal rights movement. This research project, and the subsequent publication of a book, are the first of their kind to explore the Oxford Group.… Read More

  • Kim Stallwood YouTube Channel Now Open!

    April 16, 2019

    The Kim Stallwood YouTube channel is now open! There are eight videos to watch and listen to where I give different presentations about the Politics of Love; the Animal Rights Movement; Why Animals Matter; the Knowing Animals podcast interview; and Topsy, the elephant we must never forget. The videos were made in the UK, Luxembourg, Mexico, Poland, and Finland from 2012 to 2018. More videos will be added as they become available.… Read More

  • The Politics of Love-Animal Rights talk at All Souls College, Oxford

    April 3, 2019

    At the Politics of Love conference at All Souls College, Oxford on December 15, 2018, I made a presentation about Animal Rights. This film is the video of my PowerPoint presentation and the live audio of me giving the talk. I want to thank Max Harris and Philip McKibbin for inviting me to speak at this special event.… Read More


  • On Tyranny by Timothy Snyder

    May 22, 2017

    Having survived the Thatcher/Reagan years in the 1980s, and thought it could not get any worse until the Blair/Bush junior years from the late 1990s to 2000s, we are now in the present Trump era in which the prospect of dictatorship in the US is openly discussed.… Read More

  • All About Love by bell hooks

    April 29, 2018

    I haven’t read bell hooks in many years. I recall her Feminist Theory: From margin to center helped to inform my understanding of feminism in the 1990s. My interest in reading hooks again was after I heard Philip McKibbin speak about “The Politics of Love” at the Minding Animals conference in Mexico in January 2018. He referred to hooks’ All About Love: New visions in his excellent presentation. I confess to a “quick read” of this book and that this is why this is a “quick review.” Nonetheless, I recognize this book to be an informative, provocative, and empowering read. I will certainly return to it for a more thorough reading as my research progresses into understanding the relationship between being an animal lover and a vegan animal rights advocate.… Read More

  • The Old Ways by Robert Macfarlane

    March 20, 2016

    A well-written (except for the weakness to write lists instead of sentences) book about walking which gives the appearance to the reader that you’re getting to know the author when you’re not. I would have liked to have learnt more about Robert Macfarlane and why walking is so important to him.… Read More

  • The Pig in Thin Air by Alex Lockwood

    September 3, 2017

    Alex Lockwood in The Pig in Thin Air weaves together important strands of meaning about caring deeply for animals and putting ethics into action. The way in which animals are transformed into food (and other products and services) for human consumption is increasingly challenged. Growing awareness of the inevitable animal cruelty and the harm committed to ourselves as consumers and the environment as the ground in which the exploitation occurs has consequences for everyone. But what to do? … Read More

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