The Animals’ Agenda magazine

This is a collection of investigative reports I published in The Animals' Agenda.

My Animals and Society Institute colleague Bee Friedlander remembers The Animals’ Agenda magazine and gives an update on its future. “The magazines take up quite a bit of room on a bookshelf in my office,” Bee writes, “but I keep them there as a constant reminder that a valuable resource to the animal advocacy community needs to be inventoried, digitalized, and indexed.”

So it’s for good reason that expanding the availability of the magazine has been on my agenda of things to do. Enter Carolyn Smith, a long-time animal advocate who has fond memories of Agenda, and who has been looking for a volunteer opportunity with an animal organization near her home in Ann Arbor.  She’s a former librarian and has both edited and indexed books. When I showed her the magazines, she immediately agreed to take on the project.

As the magazine’s last editor I’m thrilled to learn that it will become available at ASI’s Web site. Meanwhile, the two anthologies of articles I published from The Animals’ Agenda are still available from Lantern.