Fellow anti-bloodsports activists Julia and Sara joined me in tabling in Hastings Old Town yesterday. Many people voluntarily approached us to sign the petition after they had read the 10 foot banner, which said “Back the Ban: Don’t Let the Tories Bring Back Hunting.” You can sign the electronic petition here.… Read More

What is “Change” about Cameron when he’s for preserving hunting, inheritance and hereditaries, while abolishing the 50p tax rate as soon as possible? Unlike Ashcroft, the horror of Tory cuts will stay hidden by The Guardian‘s Polly Toynbee… Read More

The League Against Cruel Sports takes Hastings and Rye Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Conservatives, Amber Rudd, to task for being among a group of some 20 of her ilk who use the same wording to defend their wish to repeal the Hunting Act (2004).… Read More

David Cameron’s plan to repeal the hunting ban shows that beneath the gloss the Tories haven’t changed. Five years ago, Labour banned fox hunting, stag hunting and hare coursing because there is no place for animal cruelty in a modern, civilised society. Making animals tear each other apart is cruelty, not sport. The ban has… Read More

Five years ago this country banned foxhunting. We made a clear statement that hunting with dogs had no place in modern Britain. Having banned bear-baiting and dog-fighting more than 150 years ago, we finally said that setting animal upon animal for sport is not a legitimate part of a civilised society. And the public agree… Read More

Among potential Conservative voters, six out of ten (62%) say that fox hunting should NOT be made legal again, with one in three (33%) saying it should, so says the Conservatives Against Fox Hunting quoting from an Ipos MORI polling published 5th October 2009.… Read More

About a year ago I met a man called Kim Stallwood. At the time I had no idea that Kim was internationally known as an advisor on animal rights. Kim has recently joined forces with Michael Foster MP and is running a petition “Back the Hunting Ban” which he will pass to Michael Foster for… Read More