Incredibly, the pro-hunting and pro-shooting Countryside Alliance produces a film in support of shooting birds in Britain which does not include one image of a bird being shot. Lot’s statements and images in this film which underscore why shooting birds is indefensible. embedded by Embedded VideoYouTube Direkt… Read More

The BBC reports in No plans for hunting ban vote before 2012, MPs say: There will not be a House of Commons vote on repealing the Hunting Act before 2012, the BBC understands. MPs close to the campaign admit they do not have the numbers at the moment to win a vote and say the… Read More

Earlier this year Michael Foster, who was the Labour MP for Hastings and Rye before his defeat by Conservative candidate Amber Rudd at the general election in May, presented a petition of 4,000 names to Parliament in support of the Hunting Act 2004. Michael recently forwarded to me the official response from the now Tory… Read More

The remaining country in the UK to allow hare coursing, Northern Ireland, voted in the assembly on June 22 to ban the bloodsport. The narrow vote — 23 – 18 — was after a seven-hour debate. It is reported that the ban will be in effect later this year.  Whereas this is a most welcome development… Read More

The Daily Telegraph and other papers are reporting that Prime Minister David Cameron is committed to holding a free vote in the House of Commons the Hunting Act 2004.  After negotiations with the Liberal Democrats, the Conservatives have secured a pledge to introduce a parliamentary vote on abandoning the ban. David Cameron has personally called… Read More

The agreements between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservative Party reached on May 11 which led to the new coalition government includes in the “Civil Liberties” section the following: The parties agree to implement a full programme of measures to reverse the substantial erosion of civil liberties under the Labour Government and roll back state… Read More

Fascinating article in The Guardianabout Sir Edwin Landseer’s “The Otter Speared, Portrait of the Earl of Aberdeen’s Otter hounds” painted in 1844. “A painting normally considered too upsetting for modern tastes – bloodthirsty hounds, triumphant hunter and speared otter,’ writes  Mark Brown, “is to go on display as the centrepiece of a new exhibition examining the artistic… Read More

Protecting Animals in Democracy is endorsing Parliamentary candidates on animal welfare. Do you know which candidate in your constituency got the PAD endorsement? Find out here. Use the information to determine who you will vote for tomorrow. I know which one of my parliamentary candidate in Hastings and Rye got the PAD endorsement. The answer is Michael Foster (Labour). He has… Read More

Just got in from canvassing for Labour in Hastings Old Town and watching A Minority Pastime at our local independent cinema, The Electric Palace. Many thanks for the local Hunt Saboteurs for making it possible for the film to be shown for free. The documentary follows the journey taken by Nisa Ward as she makes it her… Read More

I want to put on record my admiration for Brian May’s campaign to keep hunting with dogs illegal. I’m happy to add my voice to the tens of thousands of others who have already backed his campaign. I also want to put on record my total commitment, that under a Labour government this ban on… Read More

The Labour Party published its Green Manifesto over the weekend. Among the 21 pages is a tiny section devoted to animal welfare. The entire text of Section 9, “We will improve animal welfare,” reads as follows: Labour has a proud record on animal welfare. Over the past thirteen years we have not only banned fox… Read More

A Minority Pastime is a film about bloodsports and their enthusiasts. With just a few days before the UK decides which political party will form the next government, this film is an unwelcome reminder that the Conservative Party is pledge to a free vote to repeal the Hunting Act 2004. The film is one woman’s journey to… Read More

Co-founder, guitarist and songwriter of the legendary rock group Queen, Brain May recently launched the Save Me campaign. He says Use your vote to ensure that the present laws protecting animals from cruelty are kept in place, more carefully monitored, legally tightened up, and fully enforced. The objective is to “support any candidate, of any… Read More

Cameron promises vote on hunting, says the Web site. My personal view is that the ban doesn’t work. We just have police officers wasting their time chasing people round the countryside when they should be dealing with real crime on our streets. I think we should respect what people in the countryside believe. I… Read More

The following press release was issued today by Michael Foster MP for Hastings and Rye. Michael Foster has presented a ‘Back the Ban’ petition of 4,000 names to Parliament. The petition was the brainchild of local Animal Welfare Advocate Kim Stallwood who lives in Hastings after a spell in the USA working as Executive Director… Read More

It is widely reported this morning there will be a general election in the UK on Thursday, May 6. All elections are fascinating and, in contrast to US elections which last years, in this country they are a merciful month of frenzied activity when the country decides its fate. In 1979 I was involved in… Read More

I don’t believe in God. But I’m willing to believe in Ann Widdecombe, the Conservative MP for Maidstone and the Weald, when she writes If David Cameron has his way the Hunting Act will be repealed in its totality, meaning that not only foxhunting but also stag hunting and hare coursing will once more be… Read More

If you live in the Hastings and Rye constituency and collected signatures on the petition in support of the Hunting Act that banned bloodsports, please mail all petition sheets to this address so that they arrive by Monday, March 29: Kim Stallwood 84 Bohemia Road St. Leonards on Sea East Sussex TN37 6RN Many thanks!… Read More