No UK Govt Ban on Wild Animals in Circuses!

Various animal protection organisations and pro-animal bloggers throughout the world are proclaiming success in that the British government has banned wild animals in circuses. This is not true. Further, to… Read More

Wild Animals in British Circuses

Martin Lacey from the Great British Circus spoke out in support of animals performing in circuses but refused access to the BBC to film the animals in his care. A… Read More

Use of Wild Animals in Circuses

Labour MP for Stoke-on-Trent South, Robert Flello, is promoting a Private Members Bill, Use of Wild Animals in Circuses, in the House of Commons in the British Parliament. The chances of this bill becoming… Read More

UK Set Not to Ban Animals in Circuses

Remember in April I commented on press reports that the Conservative-led coalition government was set to ban wild animals from performing in circuses? I expressed reservation that this, indeed, would… Read More

UK Ban on Animals in Circuses?

Animal activists across the world via the Web are rushing to report the UK government will ban animals in circuses following on from a report in the Daily Express, which… Read More

Zooicide: Seeing Cruelty, Demanding Abolition by Sue Coe and Stephen Eisenman

In an excellent essay in Zooicide: Seeing Cruelty, Demanding Abolition (AK Press; 2018), Stephen Eisenman describes zooicide as a history of cruelty to animals in zoos. “Animals were thus robbed of their souls and their social being;” he writes, “they symbolized nothing but their biological selves-their genus and species-and were exhibited as entertainments or trophies in zoos all over the world.”… Read More

Just Deserts

Tired of living in a world where animals have no value. Wherever you look, they’re treated like garbage. Fine to export them across oceans even though thousands of them die… Read More

The White Bone by Barbara Gowdy

It seems to me that there are two approaches to take when writing fiction in which nonhuman animals are the characters and the world imagined is theirs. First, to write about animals and their world in such a way that there is some familiarity or resemblance to ourselves and the world as experienced by ourselves. Examples in this category may include Black Beauty by Anna Sewell and Watership Down by Richard Adams. Second, to write fiction that imagines the world that’s inhabited by the animals who are the principal characters and describe them and their world through their own unique set of imaginations and experiences.… Read More

We Are All Animal Lovers

Would you say that you’re an ‘animal lover’? It isn’t difficult to find people who say that they are. Many of us have cats or dogs, or both – in the United Kingdom, for example, almost half of households have pets. Very often these animals are thought of as family members. And a lot of us enjoy watching television programmes, like David Attenborough’s, that bring the wonders of the natural world into our homes. Yet most of those who call themselves ‘animal lovers’ knowingly participate in animal cruelty – by eating meat, for example. Children easily appreciate the inconsistency here, but most adults still make excuses for their behaviour.… Read More

Topsy by Michael Daly

I first read Topsy by Michael Daly when it was published in 2013 but failed to write a review for reasons I now don’t recall. A second reading just completed gives me the opportunity to now do so. The reason for the rereading is because Topsy’s tragic life fascinates me.… Read More

Trump, Democracy and Animals

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s decision to remove from its website information about animal welfare is an assault on the democratic rights of citizens who care about animals. It signals to commercial and other interests that their use of animals are even more protected from public scrutiny and accountability.… Read More

Bleating Hearts by Mark Hawthorne

Mark Hawthorne wrote Bleating Hearts because he wanted to ‘examine animal exploitation that does not get enough (or any) attention.’ (4) As you might expect, this is a book that is a catalog of our inhumanity to animals. It’s not an easy read but each chapter concludes with a ‘What You Can Do’ section. … Read More

Bleating Hearts by Mark Hawthorne

Mark Hawthorne wrote Bleating Hearts because he wanted to ‘examine animal exploitation that does not get enough (or any) attention.’ (4) As you might expect, this is a book that… Read More

Best Animal Rights Books 2013

There were many fine books about animal rights and related matters published in 2013. So many, in fact, that I’ve had to devise two lists: my five favourites and four… Read More

Invention of the Savage

Animal advocates know the spectacle of exhibiting animals in a zoo or in any other form of display is an affront to the animals’ welfare and their intrinsic value as… Read More

In Praise of Undercover Investigations

In praise of undercover investigations by animal rights advocates, including the latest by Animal Equality in a pig farm in England this weekend. One of the strongest characteristics of the… Read More

UK Govt’s Ideological Agenda

Further to my post two days ago which detailed the UK government’s ideological agenda determining that it would be too much regulation to prohibit animals from performing in circuses, respected… Read More