I admit to not always joining every Cause on Facebook I get invited to if for no other reason than I’m overwhelmed with email, tweets, etc. and it’s one way to help keep the in-tray under control. Nevertheless, I, of course, have my favourites. And one is the cause of Badgers, who are animals I… Read More

Life in the Old Town is nothing if not interesting. For example, I chronicled over the last few months the growth of a group of five baby Herring gull chicks who I watched from the back of my house. We know one didn’t survive and as the other four have gone I presume they all… Read More

Earlier this week another maturing baby Herring gull took her first steps on grass near my home in Old Town Hastings. She’s taking her first flight away from the nearby roof where she was raised over the last two months or so. I haven’t seen her since. I have to resist the urge to interfere… Read More

We’re now down to two baby Herring Gulls having started out with three, then, plus two, making a group of five. Of the three no longer present I can see that one of them died and the baby gulls have been feasting on the carcass. I don’t know what happened to the other two. The… Read More

Apologies for not keeping everyone up to date with the progress of the baby Herring gulls I watch from my home office window, which requires me at times to squeeze myself into a small space and contort myself out of the window to take photos. First, the sad news. The five baby gulls I’ve been… Read More

Suddenly you wake up one day to discover there are five — not three — baby Herring Gulls! I took this photograph early this morning. It’s possible that there were always five but we only saw a maximum of three at any one time. It’s also possible the two newcomers, who are slightly smaller, slid down… Read More

This photograph was taken on the morning of Sunday, June 6. The three babies are huddled together against the window frame while one the parents guards asleep! One of the things that Hastings Old Town is renowned for — and I like — is its population of Herring Gulls. Historically, the Old Town has been… Read More

Now that the weather is reasonable for a couple of days, activity at the Fernbank Allotment increases with planting, weeding and watering. Strawberries, onions, leeks, potatoes, rhubarb, asparagus, various beans and gooseberry bushes, apple and pear trees and cut flowers and herbs are all now underway. Plans are being made to plant in the coming month… Read More