More sanctimonious and self-righteous justification for killing animals to eat them by Guardian food critic Jay Rayner. This time — and for the first time — he watches the animal he will later eat be killed. The animal in question is number 365, which happens to be the number of days in the year. This… Read More

UK Coalition Government Health Secretary Andrew Lansley, as reported in The Guardian on July 7. It’s perfectly possible to eat a bag of crisps, to eat a Mars bar, to drink a carbonated soft drink, but do it in moderation, understanding your overall diet and lifestyle. Then you can begin to take responsibility for it.”… Read More

Today’s news from The Guardian that Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury, blocks a decision to appoint a gay cleric, Dr Jeffrey John, the dean of St Albans, as bishop of Southwark demonstrates how a spiritual institution loses touch with the humanity it supposedly represents. Clearly, I don’t know the details of this incident and nor… Read More

Published in The Guardian on June 19 I have only recently been able to catch up with reading this persuassvive criticism by Naomi Klein which frames the BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill in the context of a larger criticism of capitalism. In the arc of human history, the notion that nature is a machine for… Read More

The agreement struck between The HSUS with Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland and the Ohio Farm Bureau to stop the ballot initiative scheduled for this November which was to promote humane standards and prevent cruel factory farming practices is causing outrage in the state’s farming interests and raising questions by animal advocates. The core argument in… Read More

Sadly, I was unable to attend this year’s Summer Fellowship Program produced by the Animals and Society Institute. I’m grateful, then, to read the blog of Ken Shapiro, ASI’s executive director, which included his “personal reading of a primary idea selected from the presentations of this year’s seven fellows.” The most interesting to me is Siobhan… Read More

After yesterday’s League Against Cruel Sports’ Annual General Meeting in London, three veteran animal advocates get together for a quick drink in a nearby pub. They are Chris Williamson, Dave Wetton and me. Between us we reckon we have more than 100 years of animal rights and social justice advocacy but resolved to keep going… Read More