The Vegan Society of the UK publishes a Vegan Manifesto, which includes “improvements to product labelling, commercial and public catering, local government procurement, health services, medical research, agriculture, international development, education, information gathering and entertainment.” More here.… Read More

Cameron promises vote on hunting, says the Web site. My personal view is that the ban doesn’t work. We just have police officers wasting their time chasing people round the countryside when they should be dealing with real crime on our streets. I think we should respect what people in the countryside believe. I… Read More

Mariann and Jasmin very kindly profile me and my efforts for animal welfare in the general election at their excellent Web site, Our Hen House. They’re US-based and familiar with my work in America with the Animals and Society Institute (see Links “ASI”) and The Animals’ Platform program. Read what they have to say here.… Read More

Search this Web site for the word “badger” and it reveals a series of postings which detail the scientific futility of killing badgers to help reduce the incidence of bovine tuberculosis (bTB) in cattle and Labour’s opposition and the Conservative’s support for a policy to kill badgers. The Farmers Guardian reports that it is the… Read More

Neither the Plaid Cymru nor the Scottish National Party manifestoes include any commitments to animal welfare. I looked. And I admit I may have overlooked them. So, if anyone finds anything in the PC and SNP manifestoes on animal welfare, please contact me and I will happily publish a correction.… Read More

The British National Party (BNP) and the UK Independence Party (UKIP) are right-wing fringe political organizations which many people, including myself, find abhorrent. BNP is a far-right political party with strong racist and fascist roots. UKIP is virulently against the European Union and wants Britain to leave the EU and “return real power to British… Read More