A Personal Overview of Direct Action in the United Kingdom and the United States
Published in Terrorists or Freedom Fighters? edited by Steven Best and Anthony Nocella (Lantern, 2004)

Terrorists or Freedom Fighters?With respect to violence against humans, animals, and inanimate property as a strategy and tactic in the animal rights movement, I conclude that all acts of violence toward humans and animals as well as the vast majority of acts of violence toward property are incompatible with the four core values in animal advocacy of truth, ahimsa/nonviolence, compassion, and interbeing. […] Clearly, what is incompatible with the four core values of animal advocacy is gratuitous violence, including graffiti, wanton property destruction or vandalism, and home demonstrations. Compatible with the four core values of animal advocacy is a statement explaining why such action was taken and urging the owners, management, and workers of the business or institution to end their practices of animal exploitation and explaining why such action will benefit humans and animals.