This is an enjoyable read that’s well written about (principally) a man (the author) and his two female housemates who discover a colony of cats living in the yard and neighbouring yards of their rental home in Los Angeles. Andrew Bloomfield’s account is engaging as he introduces the cats and learns how to manage a colony of feral and semi-feral cats, including trapping, neutering and returning (TNR). He’s not afraid to hide the failures along the way. He explains how he learns how to navigate the challenges and what felt like, frankly, many losses of cats’ and kittens’ lives, mostly due to coyotes and other predators. He also draws from his foreign travels and other interests, including spiritual practices, to deepen the way in which he describes the relationship he has with the cats. He’s not afraid to share with how deep he feels emotionally about them. And there’s many a touching moment, which I felt empathy for, when he recalls how he became a sobbing wreck when he takes the cats to be TNRed or for care at the vets. This is a book to read for everyone who cares about community cats as there’s much to relate to and share experiences with. The TNR community appears to be mostly women–and there’s nothing wrong with that–and I therefore think that the men who are involved will particularly enjoy Andrew Bloomfield’s Call of the Cats.