What’s Up, Kim?

Not the most original of titles for a new blog but, nonetheless, relevant. There’s been too many distractions–good and bad–which have taken me away from writing my first book.

So, from now on (until the next distraction), it’s head down, clackety clack on the keyboards, some muttering under my breath, scratching of various body parts to seek inspiration, frantic searching for references and sources and, generally, trying to get on with it.

Presently, I’m moving chapters from the “good” to “finished” state, which will then reveal what’s left to write. One lesson I’ve learned about writing a book is this: however much you plan a book with an outline — the outline is only as good as the most recently revised version. In other words, there’s a map but you get lost and you have to figure out where you are, how you got there and where you’re going. And then there’s whaddaaamItryingtosay?

I see there’s email in my in-box waiting for an answer. If this is you — my apologies — but please understand this:

I’m on a deadline!