Web site Update

Changes have been made to my Web site to bring more into focus the two books I’m currently working on. My first book, Animal Dharma, explores what it means to care deeply about animals and discovers how we can live peacefully with ourselves and others by proposing four key values: truth, compassion, non-violence and interbeing, the interrelatedness of all. Links to audio extracts (MP3 files) will be added soon. This is book is more than two-thirds finished. My second book, The Animal Rights Challenge, which is in development, examines the animal rights movement, assesses society‚Äôs response and proposes a strategy framing moral and legal rights for animals as part of a progressive agenda for social change. This page also includes a speech I made to the London Minding Animals Conference in 2008 as it introduces the issues I explore in The Animal Rights Challenge. I welcome your comments and feedback.