Vegan Fruit Cake

Who says vegans can't have their cake and eat it?

This delicious vegan fruit cake was made this morning by yours truly. For many years now, I’ve baked fruit cakes from the recipe in Rose Elliot’s The Complete Vegetarian Cuisine (p. 310). More recently, however, I’ve begun to experiment with the recipe by adjusting the ingredients, which is sometimes prompted by what I have available. No mixed peel? Add some more raisins instead. That sort of thing. Sometimes I add some booze, depending upon my mood. Port or sherry and sometimes brandy. This morning’s cake was also made with a small amount of stewed apples. I never use sugar to sweeten stewed apples. I only use dates. So, this particular cake is especially moist with the addition of stewed apples. My cakes are, of course, always good, as many will testify. Or they had better. Otherwise it’s no more cake for them!