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Vegan Vision Workshop 2 at London Vegfest

The second in a consecutive series three workshops at the People’s Vegan Activist Summit at the London Vegfest on Sunday, October 11, 2015. The workshops includes brief presentations from the panelists and opportunities to ask them questions. 

Panel 2: 12noon – 12:50pm

What’s the most effective way to campaign for living as a vegan and make vegan values mainstream?

Panel includes:

Tobias Leenaert is the founder and CEO of the Belgian non profit organisation EVA, which informs people about the benefits of eating less or no animal products. He studied English and Dutch Language and Literature and anthropology at the University of Ghent, and after graduation founded EVA,

Tobias Leenaert

Tobias Leenaert

which in 2005 was probably the first vegetarian organisation in the world to receive structural support from its national government. EVA is the organisation behind the successful Thursday Veggieday (Donderdag Veggiedag) campaign, and is all about mainstreaming plant based eating in a positive and encouraging way. In 2010, Tobias was elected as a Fellow of Ashoka, an international organisation supporting 3000 high impact social entrepreneurs worldwide.


Sean O'Callaghan

Sean O’Callaghan

Sean O’Callaghan is the Fat Gay Vegan — a blogger, event planner and PR person working to create plant-based opportunities for individuals, charities and businesses. He is the founder of London Vegan Beer Fest, London Vegan Potluck and London Vegan Drinks, as well as being the host of numerous vegan dining, cooking and social events around London. FGV is not afraid to travel for good food and beer. His blog is one of the most-read vegan platforms in the UK and was voted Best Blog in the 2013 VegfestUK Awards. Fat Gay Vegan is set to launch the monthly Queer Vegan Disco in January 2015.


Louise Wallis

Louise Wallis

Louise Wallis is a singer, DJ and writer with a passion for food and lust for life. With her partner Frank, she runs the vegan venue Kabaret@Karamel, recently Time Out’s ‘Most Loved Restaurant in London’, where Sara Pascoe, Omar, Tom Robinson and Lene Lovich have all performed. Man of the moment Jeremy Corbyn recently paid a visit too. Voted one of the World’s Top 100 Female DJs, Louise has created two vegan-themed DJ mixes. She’s interviewed many vegan artists, including Johnny Marr, Moby, Benjamin Zephaniah, Sara Pascoe, and Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath), and regularly writes for The Vegan, and Vegan Life magazines. In the early 90s she carried out an undercover investigation into two animal research labs, achieving national press coverage and a major campaign by the National Anti-Vivisection Society. A former President of the Vegan Society, Louise is also the founder of ‘World Vegan Day’.

Vegan Vision — Three Workshops To Create A Vegan World
Vegan Vision is three one-hour consecutive workshops in vegan advocacy and living with internationally-respected experts in food and nutrition, animal rights and cruelty-free living. Vegan Vision shows how to live as a vegan in a non-vegan world. Join author and activist Kim Stallwood for all three workshops or select the ones you would like to attend. Each workshop includes a panel of international experts and opportunities for you to ask questions.
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