UK Animal Welfare Groups and the General Election

With what seems like a daily discovery of yet another British animal welfare group launching its own political campaign for the general election (WSPA and Advocates for Animals are the latest I find; are there more?), it would not be unreasonable to think that this is a good thing. Sadly, far from it. It’s a bad thing. It presents an animal welfare movement that cannot get its act together and drunk on political naivety. The lesson to be learnt here is that a movement-wide coalition would have had a much greater impact than the present strategy of splendid isolation, including the coalitions who stand aloof. No wonder the animal welfare manifesto commitments in this general election are as attractive as yesterday’s leftover toast.

Most likely there will be a hung Parliament. And a second national election sooner rather than later. I doubt there is sufficient time to correct the wrongs in time for this imminent election. So, we need to start planning now for all those thereafter.