Stallwood Archive Available at The British Library

Jonathan Pledge, Curator of Politics and Public Life at The British Library, and myself meeting in my office.

The Kim Stallwood Archive at The British Library is available to researchers via the British Library Explore Archives and Manuscripts catalogue at Add MS 89458. It currently consists of four Series: 1. Writings, book proposals, and presentations; 2. Appointment diaries and address books; 3. People; and 4. Organisations. The fifth series, Subjects, will be available in the new year. Included in the archive are materials that are closed to the public for 25 years because they contain sensitive information.

In 2020, The British Library took possession of 36 boxes of my research materials chronicling the animal rights movement’s development, including my involvement, from the mid-1970s through to the late 1980s. The research material, which comprises nearly 600 organisation files, 150 people files, and 118 subject files, complements the library’s earlier acquisition of materials from writer and animal advocate Richard Ryder.

“I am delighted that the British Library is now the permanent home for the Kim Stallwood Archive,” said Rachel Foss, Head of Contemporary Archives and Manuscripts, Contemporary British Collections, “where it greatly enhances our growing collections of archives relating to contemporary campaigning and activism. The Archive is an extremely valuable resource for researchers, students, and anyone interested in the history of the animal rights movement, animal welfare, and food activism.”