My collection began in the 1970s when I became a vegan animal rights activist. I intuitively knew that to be an effective campaigner I had to organize. So, I started to keep correspondence, files, leaflets, newsletters, magazines, books, organization files, project files, subject files, badges, posters, campaign materials, artifacts, and so on that subsequently became my collection.

The collection further grew when I personally had the funds to buy historic items that were hitherto out of my reach. As news about my collection spread and I worked with organizations on their own archives, I was offered, and accepted, entire libraries from key individuals and significant organizations. The collection now includes six special collections.

The Stallwood Collection reflects more than 40 years of personal commitment and professional involvement in the contemporary animal rights movement. It has come to represent in a tangible way my life in animal rights. It reflects my leadership role in vegan, cruelty-free living and animal rights advocacy. I use the archive in my work as an author, consultant, and independent scholar.

As I learned about the importance of understanding the past, I also collected valuable material predating my involvement from the 1800s to the present. My collection has subsequently become a unique archive of significant historical importance. The range of materials included are books, newsletters, magazines, journals, ephemera, videos, reel-to-feel footage, art, photographs, artifacts, and so on. Among the materials are rare and unique pieces, including correspondence, author-signed copies, books, and so on.

In September 2020, The British Library acquired the Kim Stallwood Archive, which comprises of research materials held in my collection and is now part of their permanent holdings. The British Library is the national library of the United Kingdom and provides information services to academic, business, research, and scientific communities.