Just Deserts

Tired of living in a world where animals have no value. Wherever you look, they’re treated like garbage. Fine to export them across oceans even though thousands of them die en route. OK to let them burn alive trapped in cages in factory farms because they’re not worth anything—not even a water sprinkler system or a fire alarm. Poison them with chemicals to see how quickly how many will die and call it science. Laugh at them for performing silly tricks in the circus ring. Eat them because they’re so tasty. And I’m a sissy if I don’t get my meat. Give me a fucking break. Well, like a Patricia Highsmith novel (see her “Animal-Lover’s Book of Beastly Murder”), animals are getting their revenge. And I’m cheering them on. We deserve everything we’ve got coming to us. It’s our greed, stupid. Antibiotics are worthless. Bring it on. Animal diseases jumping the species barrier. Can’t wait. Heart disease and cancer. Just keep on eating the bacon. Of course, the animals aren’t actively seeking their revenge for what we do to them. But what we do to them is wreaking revenge on us. People get what they deserve.