Hastings Vegan Dining Club

Home-made vegan sausages are the perfect "comfort" food!

Just as I was getting sick more than two weeks ago, the rough and ready crowd who belong to the Hastings Vegan Dining Club got together for one of our, er, Vegan Dining Club get-togethers. Sadly, the notes I made about the delicious meal have subsequently disappeared. I blame my cold. (Wait! See below)

Suffice it to say that everything was delicious. And vegan. ¬†The theme of the evening was comfort food. Hence the sausages, which were served with a sausage and mash pie. Of the three trays of sausage and mash pie made, only two made it to the dinner table. The resident dogs made off with one of them. This news resulted in adoring mumbling noises about how wonderful dogs are. Which is, I guess, what you’d expect from an animal-loving group of vegans, who, between us, have many rescued cats, dogs, sheep and chickens as well as many others who, no doubt, are being rescued as I write this.

Next up is a scary Halloween Meal and a Christmas mince pie and sherry evening.

I found my notes:

The sausages were made from red rice and wild rice which was mixed and cooked to an inch of their life. This was shoved through an Osker (heavy duty mincer) with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, commercial (Sainsbury’s organic stuffing mix), mint, onions, sage, herb salt and dried tofu. About 30 sausages were made. An additional 24 were also made that were¬†gluten free. onions. sage. Brazil nuts (presumably chopped) were added to the mix post-Osker.

The sausage and mash pie was made from homemade baked beans, sausages, mashed potato, herb salt as well as haricot and black eye beans stewed in tomatoes and cooked in a pressure cooker with molasses.

Dessert was a raw pancake which was made by blending bananas and oats, which is spread on a dehydrator. The sheets were peeled off as big flats and folded gently into trumpets. They were served with home made custard and elderberry and blackberry jelly.

The evening was hosted at the vegan B&B, Bay Tree House, which is highly, Very Highly, VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!