Hastings Scary Vegan Lunch!

Carrots looking chopped fingers. Potatoes with scary faces cut into them. It's a vegan Halloween lunch!

The Hastings Vegan Dining Club met for a scary vegan lunch on Halloween. We were served a bowl of delicious beetroot, apple and carrot creamy soup with a round bread roll in the middle with a tomato in the middle of it. We all enjoyed the soup notwithstanding it looking like an eye floating in a bowl of blood. Lunch consisted of a scrumptious nut roast with roasted potatoes with scary faces carved into them, roasted carrots that looked like fingers, shredded red cabbage and braised leeks. This was followed by a mouthwatering apple crumble and apple and walnut muffins. All vegan. And didn’t scare any animals to produce it!┬áNext up is a fast food Indian dinner and a mince pies and sherry party.