Goodbye UK. Hello USA.

Today is my last day in my office in my adopted home town of Hastings, East Sussex. On Monday, I fly to the USA to spend the rest of this year as an independent consultant with Alley Cat Allies, who are based in Bethesda, MD.

This transition from the UK to the USA provokes mixed emotions. Although I will make periodic visits back to the UK, I am leaving my partner, Gary, and our home and our life together in Hastings Old Town. I am saying goodbye to working in my office on my animal rights projects with my animal rights archive. I will miss my office neighbours and our unique situation in Rock House. My office is part of what’s called The Old Bakers. A group of some 10 sole traders and small businesses who work in creative industries. Sometimes we collaborate, but often we are working diligently on our own projects and come together in our communal, shared space for meetings, lunches, and generally having fun at each other’s expense.

The Evolution of the Cat Revolution by Becky Robinson, President and Founder of Alley Cat Allies.

As much as I will miss my life in Hastings, and living in the beautiful countryside of East Sussex, I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with the talented and dedicated group of fantastic people at Alley Cat Allies. The moral and legal status of cats is a surprisingly complex issue that reflects the many different ways we live with cats and they live with us. All too often, cats are blamed for everything from killing endangered species to electing Donald Trump as President of the USA, from ruling alongside the Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt to being our best friends.

Of course, this may look like I’m grumbling about my life. Of course, you would be correct — the point of the world is to complain about it — but you would be only partially right. As I consider myself to be not only very fortunate but also honoured to be able to live a life where my work for a vegan, animal rights world is also my passion.

And while there is always something to be grumpy about (particularly at the moment!) I would not wish for anything else.