East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service

While Britain’s neurotic national media obsessed over two children who were allegedly bitten and scratched by a fox in their bedroom one evening while their parents watched “Britain’s Got Talent” with their back door open, wildlife rescuer Trevor Weeks, who founded the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS), was bitten by an Adder he was trying to rescue and put his own life at considerable risk trying to help someone else.

Trevor is recovering after being bitten by an Adder during a rescue in Lewes on Saturday. A combination of Trevor’s blood pressure problems and the venomous bite causes Trevor to collapse in an almost fatal but rare reaction. At Lewes Minor Injury Unit Trevor had his bite assessed but then collapsed as his blood pressure dropped and pain increased. Paramedics worked on him for 15 minutes before rushing him by ambulance to Brighton Accident and Emergency Department. At one point Trevor’s girlfriend was warned Trevor may not survive. Anti-venom was administered along with other drugs. Nurses observed Trevor’s condition over night and he was allowed to return home at 6pm on Sunday. Trevor’s fingers, hands and right arm are swollen as well as his lymph glands under his right arm. Unfortunately he is unable to drive is under strict orders to rest and recover.

I follow WRAS on Twitter. It’s impressive how active they are. I truly hope Trevor and WRAS are back in action as soon as they are able to. More here.