Two vegans, one vegetarian and one non-veg ate at Zilli Green in London’s Soho last night. They universally acclaimed the dinner as outstanding. The style of cuisine is “Italian vegetarian with a fusion mind from across the world.” For appetisers, T had the Peppers, Courgette Aubergine & Parmesan Terrine with a Watercress Pesto Dressing. It… Read More

Guardian columnist Felicity Lawrence got to the heart of the matter in her recent column when she concluded, “In their Big Society [ConDem coalition] – which casts everything as personal responsibility – social injustice, like obesity, is indeed a moral failure, but only on the part of those who suffer it.” So, this morning’s news… Read More

Today’s news from The Guardian that Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury, blocks a decision to appoint a gay cleric, Dr Jeffrey John, the dean of St Albans, as bishop of Southwark demonstrates how a spiritual institution loses touch with the humanity it supposedly represents. Clearly, I don’t know the details of this incident and nor… Read More

A visit to Swanage in Dorset is incomplete if you don’t ride the Swanage Railway. This charity runs various steam and diesel trains along track between Swanage and Corfe Castle. Yesterday, we rode the Bullied Light Pacific 34070 Manston to Corfe Castle and back.           We were also lucky to see… Read More

Escaped from the fast-life of Hastings Old Town to the, er, fast-life of Swanage via the ferry from Poole. I recall going on this very same ferry when I was about five-years-old. It hasn’t change at all, which is, somehow, quite reassuring. As the crossing makes its brief way in what must be about 10… Read More