Camber Sands

Camber Sands, where sky, sea and land merge into one, which highlights our puny insignificance on this spectacular planet.

These past two weeks have been a blur. Only just now recovering from a stinker of a cold. Which, in some way, looks like this shot I took with my Blackberry a few days ago on an afternoon visit to nearby Camber Sands. It’s an amazing place on an early October afternoon. Sky, land and sea blur into one. Much like how my head has been lately. It was a still day. No wind to blow the muck out of my consciousness. Nonetheless, the vast expanse of Camber Sands felt like a vacuum that put our insignificance in the universe into place. “You think you’re important,” Camber of all Universe warned. “You’re nothing but a grain of sand. And each wave crashing on the shore is but one of your puny lives.”

Nonetheless, I persisted in trying to keep various projects moving forward during this time. Not been easy. My to do list only has a few things crossed off. Still in the works is a third podcast on Animal Dharma and a presentation on the book both to be posted here. The third part of Animal Dharma is very nearly finished. This leave the final part four, which is started but needs serious gardening, and the Conclusion. Nearly there! Grumpy Vegan is stirring for a relaunch but not quite yet. Plus other activities too early for public consumption.

I’ve been largely absent on FaceBook and Twitter recently. This should change; however, I’m increasingly conscious of the need to publish only when it’s necessary to say something, which I’m not sure I’m actually doing here! Anyway, this apology is for letting it be known what I’ve been up to. Plus there’s a backlog of stuff to share. ¬†And now that I’m feeling better ….