British Coalition Government for Bloodsports?

The agreements between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservative Party reached on May 11 which led to the new coalition government includes in the “Civil Liberties” section the following:

The parties agree to implement a full programme of measures to reverse the substantial erosion of civil liberties under the Labour Government and roll back state intrusion. This will include a Freedom or Great Repeal Bill.

Is this door opening for the repeal of the Hunting Act to legalize hare coursing and fox, deer and stag hunting? The League Against Cruel Sports published today an analysis of the new House of Commons and its members position on repeal of the Hunting Act. They calculate that

some 293 Members of Parliament would be likely to vote in favour of repeal of the Hunting Act, 328 would be likely to vote against. The data was based on thousands of emails and letters collected by the League over the last twelve months.

Nonetheless, I can’t help but think that the situationĀ is precarious at best and not looking good at worst. Is the UK animal welfare movement ready for another general election? Ready, that is, to be more effective than it was in this one?