Brian May Comments on Fox Attack

Here’s the lead on Brian May’s comment, “Heavy Heart,”¬†on the recent fox attack in London. Read the whole thing here.

Tonight I write with a very heavy heart … this must have been one of the most depressing days ever, for any of us who care about animals … not just human animals, but ALL the animals on God’s Earth, who have just as much right to live as we have. We see a tragedy unfold. Firstly our hearts go out to two little children who have suffered injury … we pray they recover fully soon. Then we watch helplessly as a whole second tragedy unfolds. It’s like our worst nightmare. Our country is now run by a set of animal-hating people, already straining at the leash, slavering with a lust to kill and and cause pain to animals. And now this. One very questionable case – an accusation is made against a fox … no proof, no trial. And suddenly half of the country is after the blood, not just of the accused individual, but of his/her whole race. A trap is laid. Firstly a cat is caught in it (indicating the pitifully random nature of this ploy) – then – whoopee – a fox is caught. And immediately “destroyed”. This is reason ? This is justice? This is roughly the equivalent of calling for the execution of all taxi-drivers in Cumbria.