Badger Cull & Amber Rudd MP

My MP is Amber Rudd, Conservative, who represents Hastings and Rye. The following is an email I sent today to Ms Rudd asking her to vote in favour of a motion brought by Conservative MP Anne Main to end the badger cull.

I write to ask for your support by voting in favour of a motion to be debated in the House of Commons on Thursday 13th March. The motion calls for an end to the badger cull and is proposed by Conservative MP Anne Main. The Independent Expert Panel report into the pilot badger culls in West Somerset and West Gloucestershire concluded that they were ‘ineffective and failed the humane test’. The conservative think tank, the Bow Group, has also subsequently come out as saying that culling badgers is ineffective, costly and unscientific and recommends vaccination as the only current option. The alternative to killing badgers is to vaccinate them. Several trials are now underway. Please advise me as soon as possible on your commitment to vote in favour of the motion to end the badger cull. Thank you.