ASI E-Newsletter

The E-newsletter published by the Animals and Society Institute, which I strongly recommended everyone subscribe to, included recently a letter from Britain by yours truly.

Kim Stallwood Busy Minding Animals

Our European Director, Kim Stallwood, is busy organizing and participating in a variety of activities related to international efforts on behalf of animals. He sends this report:

Minding Animals International functions as a bridge between academia and advocacy. MAI consists of a network of more than 2,500 academics, artists, activists and advocates, dedicated to the study and protection of all planetary life through the advancement of Animal Studies. It organized a highly successful conference in Australia in 2009, and the next will be in Utrecht next year.

As the volunteer deputy CEO of MAI, I will be attending a meeting of its board in London on October 6. My ASI colleague, Ken Shapiro, also serves on the board but is sadly unable to attend. I’m honored to represent ASI’s interests in MAI.

Also, I will be attending two one-day conferences immediately after the board meeting. They are Animal Citizens, which will be held at the London School of Economics, and Animal Ecologies in Visual Culture, which is organized by Antennae, the online journal of nature in visual culture.

On October 24-25, I will be speaking about Animals and the Law at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Kim will keep us updated on his activities, and can be reached directly at