Magazines, newspapers and newsletters
Several complete or near-complete series of various publications many of whom are no longer in production from the UK, USA, Europe, and Australia
Proceedings and presentations in ring binders from conferences

Kim Stallwood’s diaries

Organisation Files

The Stallwood Collection includes a minimum of 574 organisation files. Some groups have more than one file dedicated to them. The number of files is dependent upon the volume of material on each group. There are files on at least 500 organisations. The material in the files dates mostly from the 1970s and is organised largely in chronological order. Much of this material will be rare. Whereas the material is from organisations from around the world, a significant amount of it is from the British animal welfare/rights movement in the 1970s and 1980s. The files are organised in alpha order. They are kept in metal four-drawer filing cabinets. The material consists of brochures, flyers, posters, mailings, newsletters, magazines, and other printed materials. There is also additional material to be filed into the organisation files.

Noteworthy files among the files include:

  • 17 files from the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection in the 1980s during its period of ‘radicalisation.’
  • 11 files from Coordinating Animal Welfare in the 1970s and 1980s, which includes material from many local groups, various grassroots initiatives, and national organisations as well as correspondence with key figures. CAW hosted bimonthly public meetings in London attracting some 200 attendees and published a bimonthly bulletin of news, updates, and activities.
  • Several anti-animal rights organisations, including Fur Breeders Association of the UK; Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association; and Incurably Ill for Animal Research.
  • Several files from materials gathered during trips to the USA in 1980 and 1981 made by Kim Stallwood (e.g., Mobilization for Animals/Conference 1981).
  • 28 files from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, which includes primarily material produced during Kim Stallwood’s tenure as the organisation’s first Executive Director from 1987 to 1992.

Click on the link to open a pdf of an alphabetical list of the organisation files.

Stallwood Collection Inventory Org Files jk 27 Nov 2008 PDF

Subject Files

These are files established and maintained for some 20 years as part of the research to the writing of various published and yet-to-be published projects. They are organised by primary subject area (agriculture; animal rights movement; companion animals; animal behaviour/general; animal behaviour/by animal; human-animal studies general; human-animal studies/by animal; research, testing and education; and wildlife) with files in each one (e.g., animal and right wing politics; direct action 2003; animals and war). There are more than 100 files. The contents in each file varies and includes press clippings, correspondence, email, publications, and so on.

Click on the link to open a pdf of a list of subject files.

Stallwood Collection Inventory Subject Files JK 15 Nov 2008 PDF

People Files

In 2008 an inventory of the People Files in the collection was taken. The number of individuals who each had at least one file (a few had more than one) is 127. The information and materials contained in these files varies depending upon their status and circumstances. For example, the file for Carol Adams, the ecofeminist author, includes corresponding between her and Kim Stallwood. The file for Noble prize winning author John Galsworthy (1867-1933) includes pro-animal pamphlets he wrote. Some of the personal correspondence in particular files will need to be embargoed for 50 years.

  • Carol Adams; Theodore Adorno; Julie Andrzejewski ;George Angell; Philip Armstrong
  • Steve Baker; Jackie Ballard; Marc Bekoff; Ernest Bell; Ted Benton; Ian Bergin; Annie Besant; Steve Best; B R Boyd; Brigid Brophy
  • Matthew Calarco; J Baird Callicott; Edward Carpenter; Elizabeth Cherry; Frances Power Cobbe; Sue Coe; J M Coetzee; John Crossman
  • Macdonald Daly; Charles Darwin; Richard DeAngelis; Lord Dowding
  • Mylan Engel
  • David Favre; Michael Foster MP; Michael W Fox; Gary Francione; Geoff Francis; Erica Fudge
  • Greta Gaard; Birute Galdikas; John Galsworthy; Arun Gandhi; Mahatma Gandhi; Robert Garner; Romain Gary; Steve Gellman; Jane Goodall; Jeff Goodwin; Temple Grandin; A C Grayling
  • Walter Hadwen; Judith Hampson; Thich Nhat Hanh; R M Hare; Brian Harrison; Hogarth
  • Leslie Irvine
  • James Jasper
  • Hilda Kean; Barry Kew; Beatrice E Kidd; Anna Kingsford; John Kistler; Brian Klug; David Kunzle
  • George Lakoff; Coral Lansbury; C W Leadbeater; William Leiss; Andrew Linzey; Bertram Lloyd; Roger Lovegrove; Brian Luke
  • John Mackey; Charles Magel; Kenan Malik; Richard Martin; Jim Mason; Colman McCarthy; Paul McCartney; Jeff McMahan; Mary Midgley; Edgar Mitchell; J Howard Moore (Magel’s papers on him); Lyle Munroe; Vasu Murti
  • Helen & Scott Nearing; Ingrid Newkirk; Nathan Nobis; Barbara Noske; Robert Nozick
  • George Orwell
  • Charles Patterson; David Pimentel; Rod Preece
  • Tom Regan; Lewis Regenstein; Joseph Ritson; Harriet Ritvo; Bernard Rollin; Francis H Rowley; Hans Ruesch; Richard Ryder
  • Pia Salk; Henry Salt; Boria Sax; Rik Scarce; Matthew Scully; James Serpell; George Bernard Shaw; Paul Shepard; Peter Singer; Angela Smith MP; Marjorie Spiegel; Henry Spira; Kim Stallwood; Cass Sunstein; Noel Sweeney; David Sztybel
  • Henry David Thoreau; Laurence Tribe; Will Tuttle
  • G F Walker; C W Westacott; William Wilberforce; Howard Williams; P G Wodehouse; Cary Wolfe; J G Wood; Jon Wynne Tyson

Academic Journals

In 2008 an inventory of the academic journals in the collection was taken. Since then, a small number of individual copies of relevant journals have also been acquired. The collection includes:

  • American Trapper (2003-2004; 7 journals)
  • Animal Law (1995-2006; 10 journals)
  • Animals Parabola (1989; 1 journal)
  • Anthrozoos (1987-1991; 14 journals)
  • ATLA (2002-2006; 22 years)
  • ATLA Supplement (2002-2006; 7 journals)
  • Between the Species (1989-1996; 20 journals)
  • Ethics: International Journal of Social, Political, and Legal Philosophy (1978; 1 journal)
  • Fur Rancher (2002-2003; 6 journals)
  • Fur World (2003-2005; 3 journals)
  • Hypatia: A journal of feminist philosophy (1991; 1 journal)
  • Inquiry (1979; 1 journal)
  • International Journal for the Study of Animal Problems (1980-1983; 20 journals)
  • Journal of Animal Law (2005-2006; 2 journals)
  • Journal of Animal Law and Ethics (2006; 1 journal)
  • Monist (1987; 1 journal)
  • Mosaic: a journal for the interdisciplinary study of literature (2007-2007; 2 journals)
  • Philosophy: The Journal of the Royal Institute of Philosophy (1978; 1 journal)
  • Saint Louis University Law (1987; 1 journal)
  • Society & Animals (1993-2006; 24 journals)
  • The Trapper & Predator Caller (2003-2004; 2 journals)