The Stallwood Collection of books is catalogued in two locations.

  • As a spreadsheet listing 1,690 titles in alpha order by author’s last name. (See link below) The data includes last name; first name; title; location of publisher; publisher; date of publication; and ISBN (if available).
  • As a member (‘grumpy vegan’) of LibraryThing, which lists a total of 2,649 titles in the following categories: Duncan Weir Collection: 9; Timothy Sprigge Collection: 44; Wishlist, which are items NOT currently owned: 314; and my library: 2,300. The LibraryThing database is searchable by some 100 tags. Some of the books catalogued are unrelated to animal rights or a relevant subject (e.g., Virginia Woolf). These non-relevant titles can be identified by searching on the appropriate tags. The number of books in the collection published prior to 1900 is 41. Between 1901 and 1949 is 130. Remaining decades are as follows: 1950s (39); 1960s (67); 1970s (227); 1980s (506); 1990s (629); 2000s (845); and 2010s (106). (These numbers are subject to change as books are added to the collection.) The collection includes pamphlets, sheet music, advertisements, postcards, etc., which are not all entered into the LibraryThing database. The majority of the books are in English with a few in French, German, and Italian. A small number of titles are signed by the author and some include a personal dedication to Kim Stallwood.

Click on the link to open a PDF of the author’s last name alpha listing of books.

Stallwood Collection Inventory Books.numbers PDF