Animal Studies Update

Mediating Climate Change by Julie Doyle

Attending last evening’s launch of two new Animal Studies books at the University of Brighton, I was reminded, once again, of the generational shift currently underway in which young people who had grown up in a climate of increased public awareness of animal rights and environmental advocacy are now ascending into positions of authority in society.

The reception I attended was to launch Mediating Climate Change by Julie Doyle and Popular Media and Animals by Claire Molloy. I had not met either authors before; however, I had been encouraged to get in touch with Claire because of our shared interests and close proximity. She teaches at the University of Brighton and at its campus in Hastings, where I live; however, she is shortly to leave and start teaching next year at Liverpool Hope University.

Popular Media and Animals by Claire Molloy

I learnt both were vegans and had a history of social justice activism. Julie’s with Greenpeace in Brighton and Claire’s with animal welfare/rights. Their journey from advocacy into academia signifies the generational shift I began this blog with.

Congratulations to both on making this transition and on the publication of their respective titles, which I look forward to reading!