Animal Law in Barcelona and Stuff

Since my last post is nearly one month ago, a word of explanation is owed to explain what has been happening. This intervening period has been dominated by two things: Barcelona and moving to a new office.

The Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona held toward the end of October the first conference on animal law in Europe. The organiser, Professor Marita Candela, kindly invited me to speak. I wrote about the conference on the blog of the Animals and Society Institute. Also, I had posted onto the same blog a report of two Animal Studies conferences I had attended earlier in the month. They were both excellent.

The text of my talk in Barcelona, Animal Rights and Public Policy, is available to read here.

On my return from Barcelona, I began immediately to move to a new office. This involved moving the office I had set up at home and materials I had put into storage into one location. The bulk of the stuff I moved belongs to my archive. The collection now consists of some 2,000 plus books, six four-drawer filing cabinets of papers of various kinds, audio-visual materials and artefacts (e.g., badges/buttons, display materials, artwork). It’s great to have all this material under one roof. I use my archive as a resource for the work I currently do for client organisations and the books I am currently writing and researching. Further, I plan to catalog further and digitise my collection to make it more widely available. Presently, my collection of books is catalogued here. With the dotage years approaching more quickly than one would like, I will prepare at some point a Request for Proposals from interested parties (e.g., universities, archives, organisations) who may be interested in acquiring the collection. It is a truly unique collection which I would see form part of an institution that uses for educational and research purposes.

With no immediate travel plans and the move out of the way but not all the unpacking and sorting, my focus turns increasingly to working on my book, Animal Dharma, and meeting the needs of my clients, including those I volunteer for.