A Writer’s Diary is a Writer’s Inspiration

VWDiaryeditedAt the risk of appearing to be a pretentious twat I declare Virginia Woolf and her A Writer’s Diary, edited by her husband Leonard Woolf, is an inspiration to me in keeping going with writing my first book. Who would know writing a book would be so difficult? Reading Mrs. Woolf and her diaries as well as her other writings, fiction, letters and nonfiction, sustain me. It’s a challenge to write a book. Endless thinking. Organizing. Decision making. Rewriting. Starting over. Nonetheless, when I read what Mrs. Woolf writes … I’m inspired to persevere.

A good day–a bad day–so it goes on. Few people can be so tortured by writing as I am. Only Flaubert I think. Yet I see it now, as a whole. I think I can bring it off, if I only have courage and patience: take each scene quietly: compose: I think it may be a good book. And then–oh when it’s finished!

I can see the end in sight of writing my book but ends tend to run away from you the faster you work at catching them up. Courage. Patience. Compose. Work toward the finish line. And cross it.