A Transformative Week

To say that it’s been a transformative week is to invite accusations of melodrama, which, of course, may be true. One’s melodrama is all in one’s mind. One person’s melodrama is someone else’s┬ánormal state of affairs. Anyway, for me, this is the week that I switched from years of PCs and Windows-based software to a MacBook Pro and Apple/Mac-based programs. And not before time some would say.

Regardless of what anyone else says, it’s been a challenging week for the above reasons. Plus I started to learn a new program, Scrivener, which is for writers recommended by Carol Adams (I blame her), and a part-time course in social media marketing. All of this on top of my regular workload. This includes one assignment for a client which is sliding toward the category, “Late!”

On Tuesday a long-standing friend kindly and patiently transferred my files over to the MacBook and introduced me to its various features. I signed up today to classes at the Apple store in Regent Street for later this month. Meanwhile, I stumble with a new keyboard, new ways of doing things, get confused with software which looks to be very much like what I’m used to but isn’t and catches me out. All my routines and working patterns are upset, nervy and fraying at the edges. I’ve lost control, such as I had it. Plus I’ve got homework to do for the course, assignments to write, appointments to schedule and a book to write in my spare time!

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not grumbling. Not this time. But wouldn’t it be nice just to be able to get the work done without having to learn how to get the work done? I’m on a proverbial learning curve except that this one is more like Space Mountain which, when I rode it, required me to sit quietly for 30 minutes as I thought I was going to die at Disney World. I can’t even get a decent photo of the baby Herring gulls flapping their juvenile wings. Damn them! Don’t they make such a noise!

Forgive this ramble but the evil twin, the Grumpy Vegan, stirs. He’s feeling pissy. Things are getting ugly. He’s trying not to gloat too much over Michael Gove. He’s fed up with reaching for the voddy every time he sees Cleggy the Bobbing Head grinning inanely across the Parliamentary aisle. Why is there still football in the news? So, steps have been taken. Foolishly, perhaps. The Grumpy Vegan Web site is getting a make-over. It’s gone on one of those weekend retreats at a remote hotels when you’re looked in a room without windows and berated for things you never did. It’s time to party with a sneer on my face. You have been warned. Praise the lord it’s Friday afternoon. And the sun is shining.

As Miss Piggy once said (I’m sure), “Moi? Indulgent?”