A Minority Pastime Review

Just got in from canvassing for Labour in Hastings Old Town and watching A Minority Pastime at our local independent cinema, The Electric Palace. Many thanks for the local Hunt Saboteurs for making it possible for the film to be shown for free. The documentary follows the journey taken by Nisa Ward as she makes it her business to learn about bloodsports after she personally witnessed a local hunt and the death and destruction they cause. The film’s frame is that she is writing a letter to Conservative Party leader David Cameron asking him why he supports the repeal of the Hunting Act 2004. The film shows well the role of hunt monitors tackling the challenge of documenting hunts and their activities. It also vividly documents the arrogance of the hunt toward anyone who dares to question them. Bloodsports is no longer an issue of animal welfare. It is a class issue of the bloodsports class who do not like being told they can no longer do something that they believe they are entitled to do. Click here to learn more about seeing this urgent and important film where you live and find out how you can also help to make it available to others. Congratulations and thanks to the filmmakers!