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Whether you’re a Patreon donor, a Substack subscriber, a social media follower, or a friend or a colleague, you helped me to make a difference for animals in 2023. My projects are to write the biography of Topsy the Elephant and curate the history of the animal rights movement. With heartfelt thanks to you and your support in my animal rights work. Please look back at what we accomplished in 2023. Let’s look forward to these aspirations for the New Year.

Thank you!

2023 Writing Topsy Achievements

  • Remembered the 120th anniversary of Topsy’s electrocution on January 4.
  • Published “Topsy the Elephant” introductory booklet.
  • Published “Topsy the Elephant: A Timeline of Events 1875 – The Present” booklet.
  • Launched my page on Patreon to promote Topsy the Elephant and help raise funds to research and write the biography.
  • Launched my page on Substack to publish my animal rights writing, including about Topsy.
  • Joined The London Library to take advantage of its extensive library and opportunities to research in-person and online.
  • Read several graphic novels as research to produce a graphic novel about Topsy.
    Interviewed about Topsy by the award-winning online Animal Culture Magazine.

2024 Writing Topsy Aspirations

  • To remember the 121st anniversary of Topsy’s electrocution on January 4 by launching a new website and publishing a new booklet.
  • Continue to research and write a book proposal and the first three of the five proposed chapters.
  • Consider prospective literary agents to contract with one to represent the project to possible publishers.
  • Work with the literary agent to contract with a mainstream publisher.

2023 Curating Animal Rights History Achievements

  • Published “Preserving the History of the Animal Rights Movement” report.
  • The Stallwood Archive at The British Library is catalogued and publicly available.
  • The British Library exhibition, “Animal Rights: From the Margins to the Mainstream: Animal Rights in Britain”, takes place in its Treasures Gallery and includes items from the Stallwood Archive.
  • The British Library hosts a successful public meeting, “The Fight for Animal Rights: Kim Stallwood in Conversation”, in its theatre attracting a live-stream audience from the UK, USA, Australia, Turkey, Ireland, Austria, and Israel.
  • The British Library Social Science blog publishes four guest posts about animals and the law, feminism, the climate emergency, and social justice.
  • The British Library produces a major exhibit, “Animals: Art, Science and Sound”, which is a superb collection of historical and contemporary works (books, manuscripts, art, recordings, etc.) of animals, birds, insects, and nature.
  • Interviewed by the Knowing Animals podcast about curating animal rights history by working with The British Library and Tier im Recht.
  • Invited by the Kerulos Centre for Nonviolence to make an online presentation about curating animal rights history called “Understanding the Past to See the Future”.
  • Visited Tier im Recht in Zurich to consult with them on their library, including the Kim Stallwood Collection, and organisational development.

2024 Curating Animal Rights History Aspirations

  • Further consultation with Tier im Recht on their library, including the Kim Stallwood Collection, and organisational development.
  • Continue to publish on Substack a series of interviews with authors about their recently published books on animal studies and animal rights and related matters.
  • Advise confidentially organisations and individuals on their archives and restoration.
  • Update you on Patreon and invite others to join us.

Finally, I will continue to serve on the volunteer board of directors of the Culture & Animals Foundation, which was established by the animal rights philosopher Tom Regan and his wife, Nancy, in 1985 to advance animal advocacy through intellectual and artistic expression.

Thank you!

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