The Kim Stallwood Archive being boxed up and given to the British Library, September 23, 2020

Two years ago today (September 28, 2020) The British Library came to my office and returned to London with 36 boxes of research materials that became the Kim Stallwood Archive.

The research materials chronicled the history of the animal rights movement from the mid-1970s through to the late 1980s and included nearly 600 organisation files, 150 people files, and 118 subject files. Due to their sensitive nature, some materials are embargoed from public view until 2045. Cataloguing of the Stallwood Archive is almost complete. A searchable database is available online. The archive will be physically available to view at The British Library in London. My archive complements The British Library’s earlier acquisition of materials from writer and animal advocate Richard Ryder.

Emme Ledgerwood, The British Library, and myself in my office after we completed the second of a four-part series of oral history interviews.

Also, The British Library completed a four-part series of oral history interviews with me that runs for more than 10 hours. They are also available as part of my archive. This led to a further interview about my animal rights work that was for the Petitioning and People Power in Twentieth-Century Britain, a research project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council and led by Durham University, Leeds University, and Liverpool University.

Stay tuned for announcements about public events recognising my archive and animal rights at The British Library in 2023.

TIR’s Gieri Bolliger, Moena Zeller, Vanessa Gerritsen, and me at their fantastic library in Zurich.

In addition to my work with The British Library preserving animal rights history, I collaborate with Tier im Recht, the Swiss-based animal law organisation. In August, Tier im Recht took nearly 200 boxes of research materials, publications, and artefacts to become part of their world-leading animal law and animal rights library. A few years from now TIR will also acquire my library of more than 2,000 books on animal rights and related matters. TIR’s library is at the heart of its innovative and successful legal and public educational programs.

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