One year ago today, I collapsed unconscious in the street yards from my office in Hastings. I remember walking along the road and not feeling well. I sat down in the doorway of a church to catch my breath. My next memory is of an out-of-body experience. I simultaneously looked down on myself as I lay on the ground, shouting and throwing my arms and legs around. I also remember being on the pavement, occupying my body, and experiencing this uncontrolled behaviour. At the Conquest Hospital in Hastings later that day, I was told I needed open-heart surgery at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton to replace a faulty heart valve I had from birth. I was in both hospitals for three weeks. Today, I have recovered, with many thanks to the strangers and NHS staff who saved my life and cared for me, but I have yet to return to the same energy levels I used to have. So, how do I recognise the first anniversary of a life-changing moment? I don’t know the answer to this question. And if I find out, I may let you know. 

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