A little while ago I said I was going to make an announcement. Well, this is an announcement but it isn’t the one that I planned to make. That announcement will have to wait until another time. My life has been overtaken by events. It is now necessary to make a different announcement.

I collapsed and lost consciousness in the street Thursday morning as I walked to my office. A wonderful group of strangers came to my aid, including a medic as someone had called straight away for an ambulance. I was taken to the Hastings Conquest Hospital and subsequently diagnosed with a faulty heart valve. This valve is to be surgically replaced at the Brighton Hospital in the next week or so.

This means that I will be out of action for three to four weeks and maybe longer. I was planning to take a leave of absence from social media anyway to focus my time on writing Topsy’s biography. This is still my plan for the summer months. I’m making contact with friends, colleagues, and those with whom I’m scheduled to work in the coming months.

Please don’t worry about getting in touch. I’d rather you spent your time doing something for animal rights. I know you will be wishing me a full and speedy recovery. But if you do want to contact me, please email me at kim@kimstallwood.com.

Many thanks!

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  • WOW! So, so sorry to read about your medical emergency but am grateful to hear that there were caring and qualified “Good Samaritans” at hand and that there is a planned course of action to get you back on your feet. Please take care of yourself and don’t rush back to work too soon.

  • So sorry to hear this Kim. I’m attending the CTS conference Monday and looking forward to hearing your talk. Get well soon!

  • You are loved, appreciated and inspiring. Best wishes on a speedy recovery. I’ve followed your work since I discovered the Animal’s Agenda via winning 4 free subscriptions from Publisher’s Clearinghouse in 95.

  • Good luck, I had a similar problem in December 2013 (although with the additional life threatening issue of an aortic dissection) and I have pulled through, apparently largely because of being vegan and having relatively clean arteries. You will be similar so we will see you the other side of your operation. Here’s wishing you as good an outcome as possible. Regards Ralph

  • Take good care and rest!
    I wish to see you soon. Warm regards from Morelia, Mexico.

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