Looking into the left-hand bin and the beginning of a new pile of compost in the making. Brown paper bags and cardboard go in along with kitchen waste, allotment cuttings, and grass clippings.

Last year (March, I think) we invested in two new compost bins and installed them side by side at our allotment. The left-hand bin was for new green waste from our kitchen and the allotment while the right-hand bin took the compost material that was already breaking down. Earlier this year I began to empty the right-hand bin and spread our vegan, organic compost onto beds and into containers where we are presently growing various plants. This left the right-hand bin empty.

About a month ago, I turned over from the left to the right bin all the compost material. We then designated the left-hand bin for all new green waste, grass clippings, and cuttings from the allotment.

Here’s our lovely neighbour Kate hand sorting the compost to remove any sticks, bindweed roots, champagne corks, and so on that we don’t want to go onto the beds. This compost was too wet to sieve, which is what I usually do.

Then, recently, I started to empty the right-hand bin because the compost material was ready to be used. This second wave of compost has also been placed onto our raised beds and containers where we grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. This new compost was too wet to sift to remove odd pieces of bark, champagne corks, tea bags, avocado stones, and other detritus that make their way in.

The wet compost is a good thing as we’re presently in a dry spell. The plants planted into it will be helped by the wet compost.

So, this year has been a bumper crop for compost! And mostly due to the two new wooden compost bins we installed toward the beginning of last year. Making compost is an incredibly rewarding process.

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