Jamie Woodhouse of the project, Sentientism: Evidence, reason and compassion, recently interviewed me for its podcast. This is a wide-ranging conversation in which Jamie asked me to describe my personal philosophy and beliefs that ground my animal rights work and keep me motivated.

I touch upon issues here that I do not normally discuss in public. This makes this podcast different from the recent two podcasts with Knowing Animals and Our Hen House.

Between these three podcasts, I discuss how I become a vegetarian and then a vegan, and became a full-time advocate for animals. I also look back to my childhood in a working class family with my parents always encouraged me and my sister to be kind to animals. From a local dog rescuer called Camberley Kate to the preeminent author Brigid Brophy, I discuss them and others who have influenced my vegan, animal rights advocacy since the 1970s.

To watch my interview with Jamie please click on this YouTube link.
To listen to the audio please click on this Apple podcasts link.

Click on Knowing Animals and Our Hen House to catch up with these interviews.

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