Notwithstanding those who say to the contrary, authors appreciate reviews, particularly when they’re positive. Recently, I discovered an enthusiastic review of my book, Growl, posted anonymously on Amazon. The author then contacted me and my delight in the review was enhanced when I discovered who it was. It’s for these reasons that I want to share the review with you and publicly thank its author for writing it.

Steve McCulloch is an important but rare figure in animal protection. He’s an ethicist and a veterinarian. He’s Senior Lecturer in Human-Animal Studies and Programme Leader, BA Animal Welfare & Society, at the Centre for Animal Welfare at the University of Winchester in the UK.

We mostly agree with each other but not always. This doesn’t matter. We respect each other’s opinions and share advice knowing that doing so improves our respective work for animals.

Here’s Steve’s review of Growl:

If you are interested in animal protection, Growl is a genuine page turner. Stallwood provides a biographical account of British and US animal protection policy, based on his experience in the movement. Stallwood played a leading role at PETA in the US and BUAV in the UK and Growl tells the story of animal politics on both sides of the Atlantic through such key positions.
What I particularly enjoyed is Stallwood’s biographical and reflective approach. I am sure all of us in the animal protection movement spend much time deliberating about how best to make the world a better place for animals. Growl is, in effect, a highly sophisticated account of such thoughts, imbued by professional experience and critical reflection, to produce not only a fascinating personal story but an overarching theory of change for animal protection.
Stallwood argues for unity between animal rights activist and those that promote welfare. We should strive for the ideal of abolition but also accept the political reality of incremental change. Stallwood writes with authority based on his ringside seat during a key time in animal protection as well as his extensive knowledge of other social justice movements.
In summary, Growl is both very enjoyable and highly informative. There is much to learn in Growl and I now recommend it to my students in human animal studies. Growl conveys a genuine wisdom in combining Stallwood’s personal experience and avid reading in animal rights in the pursuit of a much better world for our fellow creatures.

EBVS European Veterinary Specialist in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law
Senior Lecturer in Human-Animal Studies
Programme Leader, BA Animal Welfare & Society
Centre for Animal Welfare
University of Winchester, Sparkford Road, Winchester, SO22 4NR

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