The Kim Stallwood YouTube channel is now open!

There are eight videos to watch and listen to where I give different presentations about the Politics of Love; the Animal Rights Movement; Why Animals Matter; the Knowing Animals podcast interview; and Topsy, the elephant we must never forget. The videos were made in the UK, Luxembourg, Mexico, Poland, and Finland from 2012 to 2018. More videos will be added as they become available.

1. The Politics of Love—Animal Rights

This film consists of the PowerPoint presentation and the live audio of the Politics of Love–Animal Rights that I gave at the Politics of Love conference at All Souls College, Oxford, UK on Saturday, December 15, 2018.

2. Animal Rights: Moral Crusade or Political Movement?

At the International Animal Rights Conference (IARC) 2013 in Luxembourg, I gave this presentation about whether animal rights is a moral crusade or a political movement.

3. Animal rights: Moral Crusade or Political Movement?

At the Critical Perspectives on Animals in Society conference in Exeter, UK on March 10, 2012 I gave this presentation in a session entitled Animals in the Public Arena. This is an earlier version of my talk than the one given in Luxembourg in 2013.

4. Knowing Animals Podcast with Kim Stallwood

Knowing Animals is an outstanding podcast hosted by Siobhan O’Sullivan. This episode is with me and was recorded at the Minding Animals International conference in Mexico in 2018. Subscribe to Knowing Animals here.

5. Why Animals And Their Well-Being Matter to Us

At the IARC2014 in Luxembourg, I gave this presentation about whether animal rights is a moral crusade or a political movement.

6. Animal Rights: Moral Crusade or Social Movement?

I made this presentation at the Conference on Animal Rights in Europe in Warsaw, Poland in 2016. This is the most recent version of this talk.

7. Topsy, an elephant we must never forget

This is a self-made video of me giving my talk about Topsy that was shown in my absence at the Elephant Conference in Bangalore, India in 2016 organised by the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. To learn more about my current project–researching and writing Topsy’s biography–please click here.

8. Growl: Why Caring Deeply About Animals Matters

This presentation was given as part of my book tour to promote Growl in 2016. It was given in Helsinki, Finland and was hosted by the Finnish group Animaliary. Learn more about Growl here.

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