January 2018 feels like it is a long way off. But it is not. Not when now is the time to plan your attendance at the triennial Minding Animals International conference in Mexico on January 17-24. The MAI conferences are every three years and in different locations around the world to make it possible for as many people as possible to attend. The speakers at MAC4 include Carol J. Adams, Paula Casal, Sue Coe, Marita Giménez Candela, Leonora Esquivel Frias, Lori Gruen, Donna Haraway, Oscar Horta, Francisco Galindo Maldonado, Jo-Anne McArthur, Anat Pick, Jill Robinson, Jessica Ullrich, Paulina Rivero Weber, Steve Wise, and many others.

MAI acts as a bridge between animal advocacy and the emerging academic fields of animal advocacy in the humanities and social sciences. It is our belief that this is an essential strategy to educate generations of scholars with an understanding of our complex relationship with animals and inform opinion formers, policy makers, and elected representatives of the necessity for legislation and laws related to the moral and legal status of animals.

MAC4 will be in Mexico on January 17-24, 2018. We project at least 500 people will be in attendance from across the world who will be students, scholars, policy makers, advocates, artists, lawyers, philosophers, and so on. MAC1 was in Australia in 2009 and attracted 520 registrants from 23 countries. MAC2 was in The Netherlands and attracted 690 delegates from 42 countries. MAC3 was in India and attracted 320 delegates from 35 countries.

To learn more and register and plan your attendance, please visit now MAI MAC Mexico.

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  • I am a Cameroonian and leader of an animal rights and welfare organization.
    I am interested in attending the event in January in Mexico but would like to inquire if you have a scholarship to which I may apply
    Thank you

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