I’ve never thought of myself as a change agent. Partly because this is one of those, frankly, American terms that sticks in my English throat. I prefer something more pompous like social justice advocate. Or in a more down to earth English way of saying things: shit stirrer. Whatever.

Change is good. Well, sometimes it’s welcome. Other times not. And often it has to be confronted and dealt with. I’ve just experienced one of the latter. Which is to say I’m in the final stages of weaning myself from my 2010 MacBook Pro to a brand new MacBook Pro. Although still functional, the old one had become incredibly slow and just too heavy to keep lugging around. The new one is so much faster and half the weight. And, of course, more up to date. I like to drive things into the ground before I replace them. It will be sad to say good bye to the old MacBook. But, hey, change is good.

The change, largely in the form of content migration, has gone well. Except that in any transition there has been some bad. In America, this is called challenging. In plain English, it’s a big pain in the arse. Two or three programs just didn’t cooperate. But we beat them. Or, rather, Darren beat them.

Throughout the weeks of research and discussions and visits to the Apple Store, my long-standing friend, Loulou’s Dad, Darren, has helped me while he’s been in London and I’ve either been in Hastings or Bethesda. It’s been an emotional journey. A bit like a trip to the dentist. Necessary but unwanted. Darren’s patience and perseverance with me was heroic. He deserves a medal. And Loulou is very proud of him.

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