The Evolution of the Cat RevolutionThe U.S.-based advocacy organisation, Alley Cat Allies, celebrates this year a quarter century of saving cats. Alley Cat Allies is the first organization to introduce and advocate for humane methods of feral cat care, particularly Trap-Neuter-Return, in the American animal protection community. By establishing and promoting standards of care, Alley Cat Allies brought the humane treatment of cats into the national spotlight.

Becky Robinson, Alley Cat Allies’s president and founder, engaged me this summer to produce a book celebrating their first 25 years. Writing in The Evolution of the Cat Revolution, Becky gives a behind-the-scenes look at the trials and triumphs of Alley Cat Allies. There’s a Timeline, 25 Accomplishments, and a Conversation between Becky and Donna Wilcox, Vice President and Chair of the Board of Directors, in which they look back on how a band of cat carers grew to be one of the most innovative, gutsy, and effective animal advocacy organizations in the world.

It was a great honour to work this summer with Becky and her colleagues at Alley Cat Allies on The Evolution of the Cat Revolution. I’m pleased to say my involvement with them as an independent consultant continues. My focus is on their strategic plan and building the organisation to implement it.

I look forward to working with Alley Cat Allies and dividing my time in the coming months between their headquarters in Bethesda, MD and my home in England.

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