Two months on from the publication of Growl by Lantern Books and I pause to list some of what’s happened and what’s forthcoming.


  • Hastings Independent free newspaper says Growl is ‘fascinating and insightful book’
  • Historian Hilda Kean says Growl ‘carefully debunks the idea that real change in the position of non-human animals can occur simply by individuals altering their lifestyle’
  • Humane Research Council recommends Growl in its Summer Reading List
  • VegFund says ‘Any activist, new or seasoned, can learn from Stallwood’s experiences and apply them to his or her own advocacy’
  • Brian May’s Soapbox promotes Growl
  • Responsible Eating and Living radio interview with Caryn Hartglass
  • Growl Launch Party at vegan Moose’s Kitchen in St Leonards on Sea attracts more than 35 people
  • Mark Hawthorne online interview ‘Kim Stallwood: Helping People Help Animals’
  • Hastings Online Times says Growl is a ‘fascinating insight into the experiences of a man who has dedicated most of his life to animal advocacy and protection’
  • Speaking inquiries received from Finland, Poland, and Australia
  • Professor Marita Giménez-Candela, Director, Master in Animal Law and Society, adds Growl to the recommended reading list for the Graduate Course ‘Law and Animal Welfare’ and Master Program ‘Animal Law and Society’ at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
  • Presented Growl at the VegFest in Bristol in May


  • Presenting Growl at the London Vegan Festival, the International Animal Rights Conference in Luxembourg, and London VegFest
  • Launch party for Growl at the inaugural conference of the Centre for Human Animal Studies at Edge Hill University in October
  • Presenting Growl at the 2nd Annual Humanities in Public Festival at Manchester Metropolitan University in October
  • US East Coast book tour late October to mid November includes NYU Animals and Society Initiative, Business Ethics and Environmental Law classes at Pace University, and GWU Law School

2 comments on “Growl Two Months On

  • HI I went to your talk at vegfest in London and also bought your book GROWL you said you would like any feedback,so I just wanted to say If I was on holiday I would have read it in one sitting It’s an AMAZING book and I kept saying to myself that’s just how I feel / think/believe.I kept coming to passages in the book that I wanted to read to many of my friends / family none of whom are vegan/veggie to ask them their thoughts as you put things in ways I wish I could have thought of.I run a vegan group in Norwich so will be offering the book round to anyone who would like to borrow it.The talk you did was one of the best I had been to in ages .with regards penny

    • Many thanks, Penny, for your very kind message. I’m travelling in the USA at present promoting Growl and involved with various animal rights activities. On my return, I would like to get back in touch with you. Cheers for now!

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