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  • Very pleased to discover your writings, website and grumpy vegan blog. I’ve just become a vegan after living in the USA for two years and being appalled at the cruelty inherent in the industrialised food system here. I also grew up in Hastings, so am very interested to hear about the vegan activities and businesses there! Plus, we’ve travelled (and are travelling again) back to the UK in May with our dog on the Queen Mary. Small world! Looking forward to reading your new book when it’s published, and becoming more active in the Animal Rights movement back in England…

    • Jo: Many thanks for your message. Congratulations on becoming a vegan. Hastings is a great place to live. Will you return here? When we returned to the UK to live nearly six years ago, we returned on the Queen Mary as we brought our cat, Emmy, back with us. Sadly, she died one year and one day after we returned. My book is scheduled for publication in May. Stay tuned for details! Cheers for now, Kim

  • Dear Kim

    I very recently read your paper, “Animal Rights: Moral Crusade or social Movement?”. At around the same time I also read the CASJ prospectus. The two together prompted me to re-join the Labour Party which I had left 16 years ago when you-know-who began to destroy it!
    Although my heartbeat doesn’t quicken at the thought of the LP, it is the only choice open to us if we want to take the political path for the sake of the animals.
    The local branch of Lewes LP, Seaford, is where I now hang my hat. (I had been an active member of Brent for over 30 years). We in Seaford are setting about setting up around four or five working parties on different issues, such as the NHS and education. I have put myself forward to run an Animal Welfare group and I propose to make our first aim the reinstallation of Labour’s promise 16 years ago to set up a Royal Commission for comparing animal experimentation with non-animal experiments. If we can achieve this, it will be a real victory.
    However, I know it won’t exactly be a doddle! I wrote recently to Ed Miliband. Although the major part of my letter was about other matters, I did include a long paragraph about animal issues. I was amazed to get a reply from his office – but without mention of the animal bit! They are simply NOT going to get away with ignoring our wonderful animals.
    Next week, on March 2, I hope to be presenting my “case” for the animals; I hope they will allow me at least 20 minutes because I am useless at keeping it short. There is so much to say. Then, on March 13, I shall be doing a two-hour talk to a local U3A group. (I assume you know about the U3A – University of the Third age). I think it will be difficult to cut it down to two hours as I want to cover so many issues.
    It would be great if, at some future date, you would come and talk to the Labour Party; we’re not too far from you.
    My friend, Angie Wright, whom you know, told me she saw you at a Hastings meal. I think maybe I shall accompany her to the next one.
    I am trying to build up an AR library to which I shall add “Animal Dharma” when I acquire it. So far I have Jeffrey Masson’s three books, Marc Bekoff’s two or three books, Gary Francione, Amy Hatkoff, Peter Singer, Vernon Coleman and a number of others.
    At the moment I am feeling reasonably optimistic regarding the LP and animal welfare (in that setting I do not use the term “animal rights”). But wouldn’t it be wonderful if Andre Menaches 1 million signature petition to the EU were to bear fruit and maybe beat me to it!
    It would be great to keep in touch with you. I shall let you know how Seaford LP is coping with the whole new concept – to them – of animal welfare.
    All good wishes.

    • Naomi: Many thanks for your message. Thank you for all that you do for the animals, including within the Labour Party! Good luck with all your talks. It’s always tempting to tell everyone everything. But I was given wise advice many years ago about making successful presentations. Decide three key points and make them well so that people remember them. I look forward to meeting you when you make it to Hastings next. Please keep in touch. The best way is to email me directly: kim@kimstallwood.com. Good luck! Kim

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