Friends and colleagues of Marti Kheel — Josephine Donovan, Batya Bauman, Lori Gruen and Carol Adams — have written a collective tribute in honour of the pioneering ecofeminist.

Marti’s ethic was one of active, engaged, empathetic care, not selfish or selfless care-taking. And while she was critical of many, her compassion always extended to them. She was a genuine philosopher, a lover of wisdom, of learning, and of debate. In true feminist form, her philosophical vision sought to challenge aspects of our common ways of thinking about ethics, even those that don’t immediately appear to emerge from masculinist assumptions. Since her earliest work, Marti’s scholarship drew on connections and brought out new possibilities for living more harmoniously with the movements of the natural world. Throughout her writing Marti advocated a nonviolent, emotionally responsive, holistic, and nondominative ethic by which humans may live in harmony with nature and nonhuman creatures.


2 comments on “Marti Kheel–A Collective Tribute

  • A befitting tribute to an amazing individual. I am honored to have known her and in shock at her early passing. What a loss to all living beings on this planet.

  • Thank you, Marcia. I entirely agree with you about Marti’s unique contribution to our understanding of the relationship between humans and animals and the environment.

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